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Posted by admin on 14 August 2014

The development of The Highgate, a $70-million luxurious residential project has been approved with development expected to commence in February 2015, according to media reports this week.

The Cottee Parker-designed tower will feature 42 skyline view apartments, located next to Brisbane’s first residential high-rise, and now a heritage listed building, Torbreck. The piece of land to be developed has been in the one family since the 1920s. They also happened to own the site next door prior to it becoming home to Torbreck.

Brisbane Developers Pointcorp are aspiring to set the project apart from other residential blocks in terms of their use of space and design; the tower will only take up 980m2 of it’s 4,900m2 site, as a “building in a garden”. With an award-winning team recruited to ensure the fit-out complements the advantaged location, apartments are said to be starting at $1.5 million. Blainey North (James Packer’s preferred decorator) are designing the living areas, with Australian Celebrity chef Neil Perry to design the kitchens incorporating his new Omega appliance range and architect Steve Dunn who will transform the landscape, with the garden comprising of an upper garden canopy and lower garden pool area.

There’s been only minimal development in Highgate Hill over recent years, while neighbouring South Brisbane and West End are one of inner-Brisbane’s busiest markets for new apartments. With its ridge-top location “The Highgate” will certainly make its mark on the area, so is it a good thing for the suburb? We’d love to hear your opinions.

"The Highgate": a landmark development for Highgate Hill. Pic courtesy Brisbane Times

Posted by Rob Honeycombe on 17 September 2010

The Beaumont Apartments at 91 Dornoch Terrace

There’s often chat in the market about “all those big apartment buildings” proposed for the area and how they might impact Highgate Hill. It’s hard to embrace change and especially when it effects our homes and through them our immediate lifestyle.

Ironically though Highgate Hill’s biggest apartment buildings have been a part of our local landscape for many years.

Torbreck, Beaumont and Dornoch Towers all line Dornoch Terrace, prominent on its high ridgeline and soaking in fabulous views. Rising 10 to 13 storeys from the street level these would be tall even if they were down low near the river. And they’re on one of Brisbane’s highest land areas.

Completed in 1960 Torbreck is still Highgate Hill’s most densely populated building with estimates ranging up to 300 residents. Beaumont has 48 apartments, just tipping Dornoch Towers with 45, both buildings having been built in the mid 1970’s.

There are a lot of apartments in the suburb – about half its 2000 dwellings in fact. And for the most part they are little buildings of 6-12 apartments. The challenge for Council, the development community and existing local residents, is to manage the increase in the number of apartments while protecting all that’s important to our lifestyles.

There’s already a long history to learn from.

Posted by admin on 21 April 2010

Tapestry of the Original TorbreckThis one caught my eye last time I was in the lobby at Torbreck. Hung proudly for the residents and visitors to enjoy, the inset writing reads “Tapestry of  original “Torbreck” 182 Dornoch Terrace, Highgate Hill built in 1875 demolished in 1958. Tapestry by Miss Julie Moynihan, long time resident of Torbreck. Donated 2009.” Not many locals can remember what was there before the first ever high-rise was built but it’s obviously dear memory to Julie.

Do you have pieces of Art showing a local landmark?

Posted by admin on 27 August 2009

hill end historic houseThe names of the landmark buildings in the area are household terms. From the original Torbreck perched on Highgate Hill and the 70’s style Donard and Dornoch Towers to West End’s newer developments called  Flow, Tempo, Koko, Regatta and there’ll soon be the names Riverpoint and Waters Edge to add to the mix.

Those names spring to mind but have you noticed the shingles proudly hung on the front of some of our stand-alone homes? Whether they’re the sprawling Queenslander to the more modest workers cottage it seems we just love to name where we hang our hats. Walk the streets like we do and you’ll notice Hill End has a higher percentage of named homes than the rest of the area and you’ll notice by the choice of name that the owners probably have different cultural backgrounds.

Here’s just some of them: Wanda Wahla, Caithness, Milo House, Glenelg, Nassagaweya, Blair Holm. Cobden Cottage, Woorilla. Glendale, Hazelbank, Rudston and Hillside.

Does your home have an affectionate name that you’d like to share with us? Use the comment box below!

Posted by Rob Honeycombe on 8 April 2009

The site is adjacent to the landmark Torbreck tower.

The site is adjacent to the landmark Torbreck tower.

A development proposal to construct a multi storey residential tower next door to Torbreck was put on hold last year – a decision which proved to be the right one. The site has been held by the family of one of Highgate Hill’s long time residents for generations and the plans to build were in place until their joint venture partner, Gold Coast based developer Raptis Group, hit financial trouble.

Latest news is that creditors have approved a plan to get troubled Raptis Group back on its feet. The group went into voluntary administration under BRI Ferrier in January after a number of its major developments went bust, including the $700 million Hilton Hotel site in the heart of Surfers Paradise. The Dornoch Terrace site is a landmark project for Highgate Hill, a once in a generation opportunity.