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Posted by admin on 3 March 2010

South Brisbane isn’t the only inner-city hot spot on the up and up, with Council approving a plan which could see high density construction to 30 storeys in the Valley and Milton. In my opinion, well done Council.

Hopefully northside locals will get behind local developers with some positive support for good planning and design. Similar actions in South Brisbane have been some local activists stifle what should have been good news with the improvement of local infrastructure brought forward by new buildings.

This is not just something that sales agents should applaud. Take a look at how new developments have, and will continue to improve inner-city hotspots like South Brisbane. 10 years ago you wouldn’t go out at night here alone and now it’s a vibrant community with a really bright future. We all need to see things for what they are and understand that further high density construction is inevitable – if this can be done well, we all have something to look forward to.

Posted by admin on 25 February 2010

wheelie binWe’ve just read all the news online about the new fine imposed for leaving your bin out for more than 48 hours and we don’t strongly disagree.
As residents of inner city and suburban streets of Brisbane we like a neat street. But as real estate agents we wonder – who will pay the fine?

We’ve today gone out to a property under our management to complete the exit inspection, the tenants have moved on. The tenants have done exactly what we expect them to do and left their bin out waiting for bin day. I’m not dragging it in and dragging it back tomorrow (especially on 30 homes a month) Where would agents fine time. And..Yuck!

366 comments on clearly shows people have an opinion on this issue. As a tenant or landlord in Brisbane what would you prefer?
a) Tenant leaves bin on street and property manager pulls in within reasonable time frame
b) Council fines landlord, so bin is left inside and stays full (ooh stinky for next tenants)

We know for sure it will be landlords that will pay the fine (Council has all their records at their fingertips and nothing for the tenants) and that doesn’t seem fair.

We know it is an issue, but I think a ‘repeat offender’ system might have to be adopted. Your thoughts?

Posted by Rob Honeycombe on 15 February 2010

Brisbane cityDid you know one quarter of Brisbane’s residents live in our inner city and these suburbs have 350,000 jobs, one half of the city’s total workforce?

We often read about Brisbane’s inner city and how it’s a unique lifestyle compared to the ‘burbs, but it’s rare to see this defined in any way. Where is our “inner city” and how are its residents any different, if at all?

In a current BCC and government planning process called “River City Blueprint” we’ve got a rare snapshot of the area they define as the 5km radius of our CBD. From Taringa to Morningside, Lutwyche to Annerley, this plan is being overlaid on the more than 30 separate planning documents in the area. It’s an attempt to give these suburbs a cohesive master plan.

So here’s the facts:

Brisbane’s inner city is just 78 square kilometres or 6% of our geography. With approx 250,000 residents that’s 28 people per hectare. Around 51% of us live in medium and high density dwellings compared to a quarter to all Brisbanites. We have less kids than the ‘burbs but more 18-34 year olds. There’s fewer families, more lone person households and more of us choose to work.

No big surprises there.

This is a multicultural area with a quarter of us born overseas. After Poms and New Zealanders those born in China are highest in number so Mandarin is our 2nd most spoken language, (assuming you call Kiwi “English”!). Some 22% say they don’t have a religion and Buddhism (2%) is still a distant second to Christian denominations (56%) for those who do nominate a faith.

Compared to Brisbane’s ‘burbs-dwellers we have higher incomes, more Bachelor and higher degrees and there’s more professionals and managers. We also own less cars and 10% of us walk to work.

The Blueprint taskforce collated this data from the last Census so it’ll be interesting to see how it’s changing. Go to their website if you want to read more or submit your own views on our inner city’s future.

One thing’s for sure: if the government’s projections for 200,000 new inner city jobs comes true we’d better build some more housing.

Love to hear your comments. How is inner Brisbane different to the city’s outer suburbs?

Posted by admin on 15 February 2010

It might just be us but we’re excited this new inner Brisbane city bus loop is starting earlier than planned. It’s going to run a  circuit  through West End, South Brisbane, the CBD and into the Valley and Newstead. The big news is you won’t have to wait longer than 5-15 minutes.

Have a look at the CityGlider route for yourself.

The loop will run 24 hours a day on Fridays and Saturdays and BCC now says it’ll kick off in March, coinciding with the opening of the Clem 7 tunnel.

No guessing timetables, no waiting or uncertainty and one, flat fare. We’ve already been to the Translink website to sign up for a Go card (the prepaid way to jump off and on the CityGlider).

Posted by admin on 20 January 2010

After much anticipation Quattro on Astor has just been released onto the Spring Hill market with its major launch last weekend. The building has been sitting there for a year or so without any activity as a result of the developer going into receivership.

I looked around the development yesterday which comprises of 52 residential  apartments which are all 2 bedrooms, most with 2 bathrooms. Although Quattro has only officially been on the market a number of days reports are that 60% of the apartments already have contracts on them.

A great vote of confidence for the local Spring Hill market!

Its location is on the junction of Spring Hill, the CBD and the Valley and is ideal for virtually everything that central Brisbane has to offer.

Great thought has gone into the design of the apartments. One of its best features in my opinion are the generous balcony areas. A good spot to enjoy not only the views but also the sub tropical climate that us Queenslanders love. The rooftop pool, spa and sauna looks like a great spot to exercise and relax. Overall the design and quality of finish is high.

Remaining apartments are priced from $490,000 so if you can picture yourself in this environment give me a call (0404 397 117) ASAP as these apartments won’t last long. I’d be happy to show you around, you won’t be disappointed!

Quattro on Astor

Posted by admin on 13 January 2010

Grey Street South BrisbaneWhat’s the deal here?  Premier Anna Bligh last week unveils the site plan for ABC Brisbane’s new South Bank home and everyone from Spring Hill to Yeronga jumps up and down?!

Don’t get me wrong, even a  real estate agent like me can appreciate the value in protecting a reasonable level of green space, but isn’t that already happening?

And has anyone bothered to ask Grey and Little Stanley Street traders what they think?  I was at My Sweetopia yesterday and noticed the street deserted.  Ask any local shop owner and I’m sure they’ll be welcoming with open arms the hundreds of new customers who’ll be calling the ABC building home.


Posted by admin on 4 January 2010
(photo courtesy of

(photo courtesy of

I’ve just read with interest that Ipswich real estate is going to boom in 2010.  I don’t know that market well, but it does makes sense.  There’s plenty happening in the suburbs to Brisbane’s west – with an explosion of road work activity costing a whooping $2.8 Billion , hundreds of millions of dollars worth of new infrastructure at RAAF Base Amberley, and Delfin’s continued success at Springfield Lakes.

But what about South Brisbane?  The $63.3 million Kurilpa Bridge is now complete (with the “Go Between” due to finish mid 2010); plus there’s still a genuine undersupply of rental accommodation and no new development planned for at least the first half of 2010.

It’s little wonder some local agents are spruiking the possibility of a seller’s market come Easter.  As South Brisbane’s property specialist I know I’m massively biased, but it looks like South Brisbane property may see its own boom in the coming months – fingers crossed!

Posted by admin on 30 December 2009

We’d like to hear your thoughts on West End Community Association’s (WECA’s) latest concept to add more green space to the peninsula. They’ve named the proposal “Hampstead Common” and the idea is to add shady trees and “shaded park pockets” to create  “playspaces and recreation areas” along Hampstead Rd between Dornoch Terrace and Vulture Street . The plan would see the street narrowed whilst still allowing for 2-way traffic and parking.

Posted by admin on 16 December 2009

Queensland Childrens HospitalI took this photo today whilst catching up with a past seller at Northbridge Apartments in South Brisbane. Work has begun on the site for the new Queensland Children’s Hospital in South Brisbane now that construction is almost done for the new car park building on the site of what was formally the Saint Laurence College sports oval.

Posted by admin on 3 December 2009
(photo courtesy of

(photo courtesy of

History has been made with the connection of South Brisbane’s newest road bridge “The Go Between”.  Today at 11.30am the final concrete segment was poured connecting the bridge across the Brisbane River.  There’s still plenty of work to do with full completion expected around June 2010.